Even though mobile tanning services is nothing new to the tanning world, it is however new to you! So here at SKT I’m here to break it down for you step by step.

The Booking Process

First things first, you need to book an appointment. Be aware that scheduling is always 24 hours minimum notice, but we prefer you to book 48+ hours in advance. The best and most convenient way to schedule an appointment with us is by clicking here. Pick the available time and day that works
best for you – then you will make the selection of the type of tan you desire from our ‘Tans Menu’ or you can customize your own tan, just add it to your personal notes.   Lastly, once you are done with your tan selection you will complete your payment and then boom, you’re booked! If you're a new client with SKT, please be informed that a SKT specialist will be reaching out via phone call or text message the same business day.

The Payment Details

Payment must be done before the booking is completed. We do this for the security in not only you, as a customer but for our fellow Spray Tan specialists as well. Plus, this leaves out the hassle of having to make payment after a spray tan. We do however charge additional fees for the following, a non-Local service fee of $10.00 - $25.00 (Please find our service fee section below for more information), any additives added after checkout, and or any gratuity.


Once you are fully booked, expect a SKT automatic confirmation text between 12-24 hours before your initial set appointment. Please respond to the text either confirming or needing to eschedule. This will ensure your appointment.

How to prepare for your spray tan

Please exfoliate and shave at least 24 hours in advance of your spray. This will give the best results of the spray tan. Make sure to hydrate and moisturize the night prior to your appointment. The same day as your appointment, please shower no less than 2 hours before your spray. Have your hair tied up, no lotion, no deodorant, no body oil, make up, or perfume! We need a nice clean slate. If you have any questions for your SKT Specialist, don’t hesitate to
call or text (972) 626-5001.

In Transition

Once a SKT Specialist is in transition to your service address you will receive a text message informing you to start preparing for their arrival. This text message will break down the distance and estimated time of arrival. Note: all Tan specialists will arrive between 5-10 minutes before appointment time. This gives the specialist time to ensure parking, unloading, and set up.


Once the tan specialist arrives, you will receive an arrival text. Again, give the specialist 5-10 minutes to get equipment unloaded, park, etc. They will knock at your door once fully ready!

What to do once a SKT Specialist is inside your home/business?
When a SKT Specialist arrives, please be aware that she will knock on the door and will hand you a contract stating that you are the customer receiving service, this is your service location, and that she’s allowed in the home/business. She will NOT enter unless contract is signed. Please have a space available and ready for the specialist to set up. Anywhere with a flat wall, a nearby plug in, and enough space for you and the specialist to feel comfortable. Allow her to set up the
space, she will hand you a baggy full of the necessary items you will need to get sprayed. Inside the baggy will be, a hair net, disposable panties, nose plug, alcohol wipes, and an after-care card. Please assist yourself by putting the items on and being prepared once the specialist is ready for you. Once she’s ready, you will step onto the spray tent and be instructed to have both feet placed onto the sticky feet, then the specialist will then instruct you to place a small amount of barrier cream on any dry skin areas such as, ankles, knees, elbows, toes, and fingers. After a few seconds of letting the cream dry and settle, she will then show you step by step the posses she will need from you while spraying. Once you feel comfortable and ready, she will begin spraying!

Finishing up

Yay! Now you’re all bronzed and ready to tackle the day! Our formula is designed to be quick drying, and non-sticky. The specialist will allow a fan dry for 5 minutes while she gathers her tools and cleans up any messes made during the appointment. After fully dried she will instruct you get dressed in something loose fitting (preferably our SKT Island Dry Shirt) and will instruct you will any additional notes she has for you. Once she is done cleaning up and loading, she will then asked to be assisted to your exit and leave! Simple as that. Our appointments range between a 30-45 minute time window. This time is including setting up and taking down.

Additional Payments

If you've added anything outside of your original booking such as a product or additives to your tan, nothing to stress about. We will charge to your account with no hassle. This is the same as any additional service fee, cancellation fees,
or Violation Fees. If you have any questions or concerns about additional payments please don’t hesitate to reach out to SunKiss Tan.

Cancellations and Refunds

We get it, sometimes things pop up. So, there’s never any hard feelings. We are here to inform you
the proper steps to take to avoid cancellation fees. If something pops up on your schedule and or you forgot you had plans already, please send a text to (972) 626-5001 within 24 hours of your appointment. You will not be charged a cancellation fee if it’s before 24 hours in advance. Cancellations made after the confirmation or same day as appointment will, however, be attached to a cancellation fee of 50% of your service. Note, after 3 late cancellations within a 3-month time frame, you will be placed on a DNB List or ‘Do Not Book’ List. If a client decides to cancel within the hour or doesn’t answer arrival text/knock, he/she will charged full service price and placed automatically on the DNB List.

Is there a way off the DNB List?
Of course! We love all our loyal babes and understand circumstances happen. If you have been placed on our DNB list due to cancellations, there’s a way we can help. Email sasha@sunkissbysasha.com and subject it as ‘DNB List removal” and your name. Follow the steps provided and you maybe released from the list. Now, if a client has been placed on the DNB List due to violations, chargebacks, and or fraud, these matters are irreversible and can not be removed.

Our refund policy concludes the following, refunds are subjected to those who’ve had unexpected cancellations due to our staff, non-arrival of products with proper proof, and or cancellations made with a 24–48-hour notice. Anything else is not subjected to a refund.