Meet the Owner, Sasha.

Sasha is a charismatic, hard working, mother of two beautiful children. Born and raised in the suburbs of Dallas, TX. Her first job was as a carhop at the infamous Sonic off of Main st. In Lewisville. She worked there for the majority of her high school years and soon progressed into working up into a wait staff at local high-end Dallas fine dining establishments. At the young age of 19 years old, she began thinking of other ways to save money and also help her bring more income into her home. That’s when she thought of a fun side gig, where she’d spray tan her close friends and coworkers. That’s when SunKiss by Sasha was born.

As Sasha always had love and a fascination for the tanning industry, she was solving everyday problems within the industry that her, herself struggled with when tanning. Naturally, applying them to SKT! Wanting the very best quality, customer service, and convenience for all of her clients, Sasha is determined to make SunKiss Tan by Sasha the future of airbrush tanning.

Sasha’s goal for SKT is bigger than just airbrush tanning. She’s building the foundation to create a salon atmosphere with all skincare needs. Wanting every client to walk out feeling and looking better every time Sasha is done with them! Even when opening our salon doors, mobile services will still be the foundation of the company.

As SunKiss tan grows, Sasha determined to have SKT a safe space for young and enthusiastIc employees wanting to learn basic foundations for future employment opportunities throughout their careers. As a young adult herself, she wants to help the youth learn more about work ethic and building wealth.

Lastly, Sasha has built SunKiss tan with health in mind. The importance of quality in all of the products used is what we want every client to feel confident about. She spent over a year researching the best quality products and solutions to not only give everyone the most beautiful glow and natural looking tan, but also making sure that it benefits the skin and the health of everyone.

As a thank you for all the love and support, Sasha has dedicated to give back to her community by serving and donating to local women’s shelters around the DFW.

“Everyone deserves someone who cares. No matter what, someone cares!” – Sasha